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Years of Helping Clients

Founded in 1933 by Edward Owen, the company started out as an advertising agency, helping companies take advantage of the what was then the new technology of advertising. Over the next 50 years, he and his son, John, helped many companies in consumer, industrial and commercial markets. As the third generation owner, starting in 1976, I recognized the important role of technology in the business results of our clients.

In the early 80's we computerized the business and started handling advertising inquiries and fulfullment for clients. Our internally generated software did the job more effectively and at less cost than other early systems. Later, the company marketed that software as a shink-wrap application for other companies to use. Through the dramatic changes in markets since then, the company had developed into what it is today: secure web applications, database design and management, and open source programming services.

On-line business and the Internet shape the current business environment. Technology change continues to accelerate: data security, wireless, mobile and many others. We are up to the task of guiding you through. years later, Edward Owen Company is still helping companies take advantage of new technology.

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Kenneth C. Owen

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