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Web Design & Integration:

The world wide web provides rich opportunities for integrating business processes over both local and wide area networks. We create Internet solutions based on function, speed and ease of use, using the most appropriate technology for the purpose. Some of these sites are available for view and use by the public (see Client Web Sites), while others are private intranets, extranets, portals or virtual machine applications. We have done private application enabling Human Resources, Retirement Planning, Financial Reporting, Project Management and Sales Management functions for major companies in insurance, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and banking. The Project Management application is also available as a freestanding, hosted product.

For other clients, purely informational sites are the most appropriate application of technology, and we provide that service as well. We can provide comprehensive hosting services for all our clients' needs, with 24X7 security and power backup, regulary scheduled data backup services, and complete logging and reporting services.

To help find the best solution for you, our technologies currently in use include:

  • HTML (including HTML 5)
  • Perl (including ModPerl and Catalyst)
  • PHP (scripting and Zend)
  • LAMP
  • PostgreSQL
  • Java
  • JSP/Spring
  • Hibernate
  • JavaScript (including Dojo, Prototype and jQuery)
  • MySQL

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